Do you want film news? You’re in the right place. Do you want film reviews with a Scottish twist? You’re still in the right place.

Here at Film Swot we have a crackin team of guys ready to give you reviews to enjoy and news stories to read. Nae nonsense, we’ll tell you how it is. On our team are:

Cameron Frew – Founder and Head Editor

A boy who’s had a passion for films all his life, he started this blog as part of a university assignment, but it’s turned into a major part of his life. Now he’s the ruthless, sarcastic leader of Film Swot, but still loves having a laugh in his work. Whatever you do though, don’t say anything bad about The Goonies.

Joe Gardner – Executive Contributor

Cam’s main man when it comes to writing, Joe is always on hand with plenty of news stories and excellent reviews. Joe doesn’t go easy on a film, he’ll make sure you know all the things wrong. Fuelled by his love of movies, he’s pure dynamite.

Andrew Petrie – Moderator and Contributor

Edinburgh born, opinion fuelled, master of impressions and a bit of a fanny – but we love him all the same. Andrew is on hand to deal with all your comments and insults towards us lovely lads, and will pop in a story or a review as well. Try not be too mean though, he won’t hold back in his savage responses. Basically, don’t be a prick.

Liam Ross – Social Media and Contributor.

The most delightful boy we’ve ever met, Liam is a quintessential member of our group here at Film Swot. He’s here to get all those gid stories and reviews out to the social media websites – posting on Facebook, sending tweets, polls etc. Again, he’ll throw in some stories and reviews as well. Life without Liam isn’t a life worth living.




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